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Second researchers meeting of the “Proyecto Fruitful” in Santa Cruz (Bolivia)

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On April 19th and 20th 2016, researchers from the Fruitful Project met in Santa Cruz (Bolivia) to evaluate the results of the Online Training Program “Brief Intervention for Smoking Cessation” addressed to three Latin American Countries. About 250 clinicians (mainly doctors and nurses) have enrolled the course from three pioneering hospitals: 1) the Oncology Institute of Eastern Bolivia (in Bolivia); 2) Hospital Cancer Institute and Dr. Bernardo del Valle (in Guatemala); and 3) the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases and the Environment (INERAM) (in Paraguay) through their participation in the Fruitful Project. The training program has enabled clinicians to learn how to identify, assess, and treat smokers in their daily practice..



The program was originally developed by the Tobacco Control Unit of the Catalan Institute of Oncology in Barcelona (Spain), a WHO Collaborating Center for Tobacco Control. The project is funded by Global Bridges and coordinated by the Mayo Clinic. Global Brigdes grants support the training for treatment and control of tobacco use worldwide. The Fruitful Project has adapted the original course to the reality of the three Latin American countries (Bolivia, Guatemala, and Paraguay) and disseminated evidence-based tobacco cessation interventions among health care professionals. Several pre-post evaluations have been planned in this project including a process evaluation that includes quantitative and qualitative research to assess coverage, fidelity and satisfaction with the program and, an outcome evaluation to measure changes on health professionals’ knowledge, attitudes and behaviors after the training.

WHO estimates tobacco related diseases will increase by 700% by 2030 in Latin American Countries. Offer smoking cessation is one of the effective policies recommended by WHO in which the active role of health professionals is required. Health professionals should support and assist smoking cessation to help their patients to gain health. We aim the Fruitful project will contribute to make this possible in Latin American countries.

Cristina Martínez, RN, PhD
Project Principal Investigator
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