The 12th Asia Pacific Conference on Tobacco or Health (APACT12th)

More than 1000 tobacco control scientists and activists met in Bali to participate in biennial meetings named The 12th Asia Pacific Conference on Tobacco or Health (APACT12th) from 13-15 [...]

Don’t miss the new Tobacco Control Scale Website

Luk Joossens presented the new Tobacco Control Scale Website at the 7th European Conference on Tobacco or Health in Porto, Portugal.The new website brings together all the information and tables [...]

Never see you again, Mr. Adelson

While I was typing … Limitations in our study include the potential for response bias that could affect prevalence estimates of smoking, although self-reports on smoking …, focused on [...]

Health care centres and e-cigarettes

Statement of the Catalan Network of Smoke-free Hospitals and the Network of Smoke-free primary health care on the use of electronic cigarettes in health care centers. July 2013 [Statement_in PDF] [...]

The success of the failure of the «Spanish model»

Esteve Fernández. Unidad de Control del Tabaquismo. ICO-IDIBELL

We live better and will live better in a smoke-free Spain

On December 28th the new Spanish Ministry of Health announced  that the current Spanish tobacco law, that entered into force in January 2010, will not be altered with regressive changes.   The [...]

WHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, 2011

This report is the third in a series of WHO periodic reports about the extent and character of the epidemic and measures to stop it. It presents the latest global and country data on the [...]